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Exactly what it says on the tin.

Jul. 28th, 2005

An open letter to SMG (and her poor excuse for an actor husband)

Dear Sarah (and Freddie)

Sarah, m'dear, please can you ask your husband to kindly shut the fuck up when it comes to making announcements about your career? Once again he tells us that you'll "never do a Buffy movie"... Y'know that this is just very very bad publicity for you.

Why is it bad? because thousands of fans still harbour a small glimmer of hope that you'll revise this beloved character and while that hope is alive they will go and see your bad films. You quash this desire and you will probably kill this very loyal fan base. You will no longer be able to use this to your advantage and in a few years little old women will point at you and ask 'Didn't you use to be Buffy?' and you'll cry alone because your husband will have copped off with some other teen-flick movie actress (one whose prospects are a tad rosier than yours).

When you crawl to Joss and beg him to do this movie, he'll laugh and laugh and laugh. He'll point out that he made a shit load of Slayers at the end of the series and why would he wish to use a washed up has-been with super-extra white teeth and a scrawny neck when he has all these other hopefuls just waiting to dust their first vamp... and anyway he was planning on killing you and Faith off in the next comic series.

So in conclusion dearest Sar, make like you'll do a film sometime in the future (even if you never do) and tell your husband to shut up, he's annoying anyway (and scary looking).


Sep. 4th, 2004

Hubby and I have been discussing what type of restaurant would be better to open, a pirate or cowboy themed one? Me, I like the idea of a pirate one, all seafood, men dressed like Cap'n Jack Sparrow, buxom wenches and lime pie. He prefers cowboys, with beans, chilli and dunny toilets.

So I put it to you people, which would be better?

Poll #345469 Which is a better concept?

Pirate or Cowboy?

Argghhh I be pirate, gimme grog
Yeehaw, gimme beans and line dancing
Neither you stupid mare, what kinda crack are you on?

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

First off Happy Birthday to bwitani, hope it's a good one m'dear and belated birthday wishes to enginelovin, I hope you had a great day hunny.

Second off, there is talk of a Serenity convention next April (wheeee!) and I'm in talks with Taz about going. I can't see a problem but I must now consider going on a gut-busting diet, saving lots of money to go and most importantly .... breast feeding and am I going to a) have given it up by then or b) will I be able to express (as I couldn't last time). I breast fed Summer until she was eighteen months old, she started asking for it and it wigged me out enough for me to give it up. I'll start trying to express and see how that goes before I ponder more on the subject.

Third off, I'm leaving this unlocked 'cause I've been friended again. Not that I have a problem with that as new friends are always welcome but I always wonder why I've been friended before I friend people back. New people have to beware as I'm sort of baby orientated at the moment and don't have much time to comment. As time passes normality will be resumed and I'll be able to have coherent thoughts on other topics besides poop, lack of sleep and breast leaking. So if you have friended me and I haven't added you back, can you let me know what on earth possessed you to friend me? apart from my obvious sparkling personality and wit of course.

I'm off to fill my face with cake, what? oh the diet can start tomorrow.

Holy Crap

"The creators behind BBC Two's League of Gentleman and Coupling are to join a group of writers working on the new series of Doctor Who." Click.

Oh God, Tubbs will be the new Doctor Who, Barbara will be his sidekick and Captain Subtext will be his new nemesis. Doctor Tubbs will have to battle the plague caused by the Special Stuff and ward off those who aren't local.

It's gonna be scary stuff.

Mar. 1st, 2004

I think I mentioned that we are looking for a new place to live, trouble is house prices 'round here are going through the roof. We don't want to compromise on space at all, need at least three bedrooms and a bigger garden. Also we decided that it wouldn't be fair on Summer to move totally away from this area because this is where her friends and school are. It wouldn't be right to move to a new house with a new baby and for her to have to go to a new school too. She'd resent the baby.

We've been lucky enough that a friend of ours is selling one of his houses just down the road from us, with all the above requirements - wheee. So if all goes to plan we'll be buying that in September. AND we aren't selling this house. Yes I am becoming a woman of property. As we don't have that much left to pay on our mortage on this house, we are going to rent it out for extra income. Good news on that front is that we already have people lined up to rent it off us.

I am glad we don't have to sell this house as we have put so much work into it. When we first bought the house, it was structurally sound but the interior left much to be desired. The front room was decorated in black wall paper with a pink rose pattern, all the original cast iron fire places had been ripped out or boarded up and the old panel doors covered in ply-board. It even had the old outside privvy. We've managed to make the place look homely, we dreaded selling the place and the new buyer to rip out the new open fireplace and all the original features that we uncovered.

All good stuff.

eta: I'm going to do a friends cull today for a few reasons, one is because I seem to have less and less time to read everyones entries and another is because I feel that I don't have enough in common with some people that are on my list. If you are one of the people that goes, I'm sorry if you feel upset but I hope you understand why I did it. Likewise if you want to remove me from your list because I bore the shit out of you, then by all means do so. I won't be offended.

I worry about myself sometimes....#3

There is an advert currently on TV about oven chips.

The woman is making dinner and is lovingly placing oven chips on to the plate. She then walks out of her trailer and starts walking through some fields with the plate of food in hand. She then arrives at a well and starts to lower the food down to a man stuck at the bottom. He starts to eat the chips.

Caption reads: Had the day from Hell?

This is me right at the end of the advert...

"It puts the lotion on it's skin.....OR IT GETS THE HOSE"

I think I might be going slightly doolally.

Hirsute Rant

Well I'm alive.

I've had my feet up as my ankles decided to swell to the size of melons.

I'm off to see the midwife today which I'm not looking forward to. Every time I go to see her I feel like she'll find something wrong. Paranoid much?

Hairy McScaryCollapse )

Personally I blame the entire thing on porn.

Other news, Mum is coming out of hospital on Monday - Hurrah. Also means that I will probably be going over to her house a lot to help out until she is properly back on her feet. I'm going to be exhausted.

GIP and Stuff

I decided to change from the component layout to this one (forget the name for now). Also made myself this new icon.

I may go and fiddle with the colours on this thing later, plus need to find something amusing to put in the Ben Browder's Nipple box.

Happy Birthday

Huge mega Birthday Wishes for Rob aka impatient2477.

Love ya and I'm hoping your birthday is a good one.

Jan. 29th, 2004

After my entry yesterday I had to collect Summer from school, the melted snow had turned to ice and the hail stones had stuck to the ice... that made for an interesting walk to school.

I was right about that book, Summer couldn't stop laughing at it, so much so that she was crying with laughter. Sex is an hilarious business.

This kind of thing annoys me, I've had it happen a couple of times now with various LJ communities anonymously spamming my journal and normally I just delete the comment. Memo to Rate-Me communities: I'm too ugly, fat, old and nasty to even rate in an old-fat-ugly community so bog off. Plus I'm anti-social so I don't join communities. Go join community promo and do your spamming there.

Something Awful


heh, Fanforum gets slated. One of my *favourite* posters gets mentioned aka Magnus-dumbshit, surely they could have found one of his crappier posts. Warning though, the HP board gets mentioned a lot.

I worry about myself sometimes....#2

I was sitting on the sofa watching The Wish and Monty came and sat next to me. He was yowling...

Me: "What is it Monty?... there's been an accident at the Gas Works"

Monty: "Yowwwwwwwwwl"

Me: "What's that? Timmy's stuck down the old well?"

Monty: Looks at me in disgust and walks off.

Me: *giggle* "I'm so funny"

and there was no-one else home to appreciate it

I really need to get out more, if only to allow the general public to benefit from my amazing humour *snerk*

Spam spam spam spam

It says so much about Live Journal when they have to make a page like this.

Tomorrow I'm going for my detailed scan, so I should update sometime with details on how that went. Tomorrow is also my LJ's one year birthday... what did I do on that day but make a total of seven entries, one of which was an ode to my zit.

Wow, I still make pointless shitty entries (nowt new then).

Jan. 20th, 2004

I saw this today whilst browsing my Friend Friends pages:

Universal TruthsCollapse )

No. 28 is so true, where do they come from? It's not like you buy them. Perhaps they are some kind of alien eggs that hatch it to cable fairies*.

*Cable Fairies: These invisible sprites run around your house knotting all your electric cables together while you back is turned.... examples of their handiwork can be found behind your computer.